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Coffee spread

Our exotic and original Coffee Spread revolutionized...... with a touch of organic cocoa. Perfect...
· Coffee spread original flavor
· Coffee spread with macadamia
· Coffee spread with blueberries

Crunchy Nut Roll

The perfect balance of nuts, condensed milk and natural chocolate or vanilla flavor. Its outer layer is crispy, and inside the filling is soft and creamy. It is ideal to share with family and friends, or to impress on special occasions.

Delight your senses

For the sweet moments in life.

Enjoy making your own combination of sweetness with our famous and award-winning coffee candy or crispy turroncito, where you can choose your favorite filling including nuts, macadamia, figs, pecans and coconut.

Products are made by hand in Costa Rica, using only the best natural ingredients.

Use your imagination to surprise your loved ones!

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