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Crunchy roll made of 100% natural chocolate with crunchy layers. Its filling with condensed milk and nuts makes it have a creamy texture, whose explosion of flavors on your palate will make you live the Dorikuk Gourmet experience over and over again.

Chocolate Crunchy Roll

PriceFrom ₡2,500.00
  • Crunchy outside, soft and creamy inside, contains no artificial flavors or colors. Delicately packed in our environmentally friendly boxes.



    Personal: 6 cm

    Small: 12 cm

    Medium: 17 cm

    Large: 34cm



    Personnel: 6 cm

    Small: 12 cm

    Medium: 17 cm

    Large: 34cm

  • Delivery options:

    1. Shipping by Correos de Costa Rica

    - Estimated delivery time: Coordinate via WhatsApp.

    - Place: Outside and inside the Great Metropolitan Area / International Shipping

    - Cost: Ask via WhatsApp.

    2. Shipping with motorized

    - Estimated delivery time: With prior coordination.

    - Place: Inside the Great Metropolitan Area.

    - Cost: From ₡3000.

    3. Pick up:

    - Estimated time to withdraw: With prior coordination.

    - 1) Del Parque del Este, 1 km East, San Rafael de Montes de Oca, San José, Costa Rica.

    - 2) Condominio Olinda, La Guaria, San Vicente de Moravia, San José, Costa Rica.

    - Hours: Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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